Our company manufactures butter and dry milk products for sale in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

Using experience of the enterprise management, specialists of structural units improve the level of production taking into account requirements of EU and international standards.

Considering mutual respect and relationships with our customers, our responsibility for quality and food safety and facing the maintenance of existing and future needs of the end consumer, we set ourselves strategic objectives for quality and safety of our products, namely:

– Supporting and strengthening company’s image as a reliable partner with constant improvement of the production process of high quality and safe dairy products

– Ensure compliance of our work and products of all the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and other countries, where we deliver goods;

– Use of new technologies, development of new products;

– Development and implementation of management system, which ensures the continuous development and improvement of the enterprise, improving the present and future needs of consumers and all stakeholders;

– Employees trainings, supporting creative development and involvement in elaboration, production and sale process of high quality, safe dairy products.

We founded the company with the strategic objectives that will implement due to:

– Maintaining and continuous improvement of the quality management system and food safety with the use of ideas embodied in the ISO international standards, HACCP principles and the principles of total quality management (Total Quality Management -TQM)

– Training and supporting staff interest in the process of manufacturing high-quality and safe products through improved motivation programs and increasing the efficiency through modern management methods;

– Analyzing existing and potential future needs of customers and consumers;

– Continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes;

– Rational software resources considering the newest advanced technologies;

– Attraction of highly qualified organization production specialists, who are familiar with the requirements of the EU and the world in the production of food;

– Attracting qualified and motivated staff for the work, the presence of which contributes to the development of the quality management system and safety at manufacturing enterprise;

– Strict compliance with documented procedures of the quality management system and food safety by all employees;

– Permanent system monitoring of documented quality management system procedures and food safety;

– Permanent analysis of the quality management system and food safety effectiveness;

– Studying and using the latest food production technologies and modern business management techniques.

Our quality and food safety policy is intended to focus the activity of the company employees on the main objective – creation of a reliable, envisaged system of quality and safety management of our products, strengthening enterprise position in the market, and the acquisition and consolidation of the unconditional consumers trust in Ukraine and abroad.