TM Bobrovitske


Butter selyanske, 72,6%, 200g

NameSweet cream butter Selianske 72,5%
DescriptionThe product obtained by whipping cream from cow's milk
Ingredients Cream from cow milk
 Preservatives: absent
 Allergens: milk protein, lactose
  GMO free
Sensory requirements to the product Product view: surface on the cut is shining, or slightly shiny, dry in appearance
 Consistency: homogeneous, plastic, dense surface
 Colour: from light yellow to yellow colour
 Smell and taste: pure, well creamy with taste of pasteurization
Physical and chemical characteristicMass fraction of fat, % min 72,5 
 Titrable acidity of plazma °Т max 23 
 Moisture, % max 25,0 
 Acidity of the fat phase °К max 2,5 
 рН min 6,25
Microbiological characteristics QMAFAnM *CFU / 1 g < 1*10⁵
 Coliforms *CFU / 0,01 g not allowed
 Salmonella / 25 g not allowed
 St. аureus *CFU / 1 g not allowed
 L.monocytogenes / 25 g not allowed 
 Yeast / moulds *CFU / 1 g 100 in total 
Nutritional value ( per 100g) Energy value: 2776 kJ / 661 kcal
 Protein, g 0,8
 Total fat, g 72,5
 Total carbohydrates, g 1,3
 Microelements naturally contained in milk
ApplicationAll food applications
Packagingpacked segments 100-200-400 g , type of packing material: foil or ecoline; packed segments 500-1000 g , type of packing material: butter proof parchment ;
Storage and HandlingButter must be kept in its original packaging sealed and protected from air and light in the refrigerator at humidity not more than 80%,  75 days - at -12°С to -18°С; 60 days - at -6°С to -11°С; 35 days - at 0°С to -5°С